Trendiest Jewellery styles for your summer wardrobe

  • May 06, 2019
Trendiest Jewellery styles for your summer wardrobe

Jewellery is a powerful part of attire and can set off the whole look with a flourish. When chosen well, it can be the highlight of a costume, bringing out your best features to prominence. But choose the wrong kind of jewellery to go with a dress and the whole look can collapse no matter how grand an attire you may wear. A great deal of thought should go into picking the right kind of earrings, neck pieces or bracelets that will finely compliment your style without over doing it.   

The basics to carrying off the right jewellery is to keep the occasion in mind every single time. It helps to have a few basic pieces in your collection that can pull off both the simple and elegant look or the  dressed-up effect.  Here are a few pro-tips to help you find the perfect jewellery for different everyday occasions.


The Office look

The workspace calls for something trendy that allows you full freedom to be your self. It is always best to keep it simple and fashionable. Hence, minimalism is what the office look calls for. Rather than wearing lots of jewellery, choose a hoop earring or stud earrings. A simple pendant and a solitaire ring goes well for this look too.



Evening Party Look 

Parties are an occasion that tests your style quotient. It is absolutely necessary to be subtle about making the dress statement. With so many eyes on you, it is always best to go for some statement pieces with simple outfits. Jewellery embedded with solitaires and gems may well be the glow you need. 





Day-out-with-friends look

A day out with friends calls for comfortable jewellery. Light weight and simple pieces work well with everyday outfits. Swarovski studded solitaire, studs and hoops can be the perfect for a day out and fun. A thin chain of gold with minimalist lockets can certainly add a fresh and trendy look to any outfit. 




Airport Look

To be able to pull-off a perfect airport look is a feat in itself. When it comes to jewellery, airport looks call for pieces that can stand out all by themselves. A nice pair of golden earrings or an elegant ring can be the ideal choice. Alternatively, a light weight yet trendy pendant and earrings can bring out the chic travel stylist in you. 


 Each occasion calls for a different style of jewellery to compliment them. While some pieces of jewellery are eternal, styling to the occasion has its own charm. So what’s your go-to look this season? Get to your wardrobe and give yourself a jewellery updation right now to stay in tune with the day’s trends. After all, dressing up is a way to pamper yourselves amidst the hustle of everyday!