The Ring styles we are crushing on this season

  • Mar 04, 2020

Accessorizing in the right way can enhance your overall look in so many ways and when it comes to accessories, rings are a super elegant and fancy way to flaunt more. Rings not only boast luxury but also statement styling with minimal effort. Zeya has a wonderful collection of rings which pose timeless heritage and are sure shot to turn heads when you carry them along.

Here are some beautiful ring designs that are too irresistible to not crush on. Hold your breath ladies, but not yourself, for you cannot resist buying these pretty rings:


Geometric Rings: If you are experiment freak, and love to try on new things, then rings in different shapes and sizes should be your go to. Zeya has a collection of geometric rings which are in the shape of circles and triangles that will look fantastic with your everyday look as well as fancy outfits. Triangle shaped rings are such a delight and the studded diamonds enhance the beauty of it even more.



Peacock Design Ring: Traditional outfits require you to accessorize heavily. However instead of wearing a lot of jewelry, why not go for something minimal? As they say, less is more! This unique and elegant peacock ring design is enough to cheer up your traditional outfit be it any occasion. The colorful stones in the ring are a great way to add color and contrast to your look and make your outfit go WOW! Well, we love the detailing on this one! Do you too?



Flower Band: Instead of going for a regular plain band, go for a flowery round band studded with pure diamonds. The design looks very pretty and antique with flowers rounded like a wreath of diamonds studded with Swarovski Zirconia. Zeya makes luxury jewelry affordable for you, so what's with all the waiting?




Solitaire Rings: Gone are the days when girls used to wait for guys to get them the diamond they love. Well, the girls out there are chapping diamonds for themselves. If you are having second thoughts on it, after viewing the beautiful solitaire ring collection of Zeya at such affordable price, you will surely bag a diamond for yourself. They are called a girl's best friend for a reason. Aren't they?



Broad Studded Rings: If you are a fan of everything old school, then this broad band ring with a layer of diamonds will make you go crazy. Your love for diamonds can only come true with this ring. The exquisite design and the artistic blend of style and tradition make this ring a perfect engagement ring as well a fine piece of jewelry as well.




With that said, these are some of the best ring designs at Zeya that are too beautiful to say NO to. The best part is that you can buy them with ease online, and get them delivered right at your home and the prices and designs, well they speak for themselves!

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