Teen Jewellery: A must-have for every girl

  • Sep 06, 2019

Teenage is that phase of life where one is full of enthusiasm and filled with excitement, and every teenage girl is looking for jewellery that can amp up their style and make them flaunt their personality. This can be anything from small studs to layered necklaces. Whether you are wearing a statement piece or a minimalistic design, teenage jewellery is as sparkling as the teenage.

The teen jewellery is something which you can experiment with; it’s an age where you can flaunt anything with confidence. Well, statement jewellery might make you stand out, but the minimalist pieces are going to make you remembered forever. You can opt for a number of designs and styles that can make you look voguish and a head-turner.

 What's trending?

Teenagers now have their own choices and preferences. Everything they don reflects their personality, and hence we have seen a specific range of jewellery which is designed as per their likings; something which they can wear every day and also something which they don on for a party. Here are some of the popular trends of teen jewellery that are a must-have: Shine bright like a diamond with sparkling studs- How about looking damsel and that too by adorning a minimalist piece of a stud which is embellished with Swarovski Zirconia, which is enamelled painted in shades which oozes energy of a teenager. Whether you are willing to wear them for a prom night or casual dinner or brunch with your lovelies, you can find a plethora of options.

Enamelled jewellery – Well, these jewellery are the best way to spruce up your outfit. These are the flavour of the season, and you can find an intriguing number of options when it comes to enamelled trinkets. They look eye-catchy and are reflective of teen energy. If you still haven’t got your hands on enamelled pieces it’s time to get them because this is going to last for the entire season. The enamelled pieces of trinket which are chock-full of playful colours and a perfect accompaniment for your daily wear, casual wear, western outfits or just anything. They can easily camouflage with any of your outfit.



Pretty Pendants- A neckpiece is something which is going to leave you overwhelmed and brimming with joy. Add playful colours and funky pieces to your chain, and it will make you look beautiful. These tiny jewellery trends will remind your childhood, a cute dolphin or a tiny turtle or a fluttering butterfly, everything that reminds you of your childhood is back in style, and you are going to love adorning them yet again.


Nature inspired jewellery- Unveil the innocence hidden within you with Nature inspired earrings and pendants. Tiny pandas, cute elephants, colorful butterfly and jolly dolphins these are something that oozes innocence in every form and a good way to amp up your style while you are on a holiday or just ready to lounge.      



There are innumerable options to explore that are going to leave you mesmerized and brands like Zeya brings forth contemporary jewellery that is going to match your style needs. The teen collection is a reflection of everything what teenage is all about, funkiness, quirkiness, cuteness overloaded and a lot of energy. You will find teen collection which are chock-full of crystals and enamel paint, which creates unique silhouettes. These pieces can be worn on any occasion, whether it’s a party or a dinner or daily wear. Lightweight and embarking style is something that Zeya’s teen collection is all about.


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