Jewellery That Flatters Your Face Shape

  • Jan 15, 2020

Jewellery is a great way to approbate your natural beauty. Do you ever struggle with getting the right jewellery to complement your face? Well, Zeya design each piece keeping different elements in mind that can blandish any face shape. Zeya collections are embellished with Swarovski Zirconia which perks up your style.

Zeya’s collections are chic, stylish and envisaged for everyday wear. They know everyone is unique in their ways and jewellery that accolade their outfit. However, the general outline of the face is usually categories into six shapes: Oval, Round, Square, Rectangular, Triangular, Heart-Shaped. We bound to find the right jewellery to make our style statement. Here’s the guideline to select the perfect jewellery for you.



Oval: The beauty of an oval-shaped face that all kind of jewellery looks great on it. They can experiment with any necklace, and all will approbate their beauty. To give a more balanced look to the oval-shaped face, one must choose angular shapes earrings like teardrops or hoops. However, shorter and the upward shape earrings go well with an oval-shaped face.



Round: The round-shaped face looks more balance with narrow shaped earrings and V-shaped necklaces. For example, a dainty necklace with a bold pendant goes above the collarbone can exaggerate the round shape. So, while choosing earrings, consider one that extended down below the chin, perfect for softening the roundness of the face. To create an illusion of a long face, choose jewellery that’s vertical in shape.



Square: The key to accessorizing the square-shaped face one must choose jewellery with curves and flowing shapes. In advice, choose narrow chandelier style earrings to camouflage the jawline. Out of all necklace that falls into U-shape, it can be simple pearl necklace or clear crystal pendant with opera, princess or in rope length.



Rectangular: This face is pretty similar to a square, plays down the length and angles of the face. Choose a short necklace with a lot of curves and a crescent-like collar or choker one. Don’t choose a necklace with heavy and bold focal components. One with large beads at the base of the necklace and oval shapes hooks or hoops as earrings will paean the beauty of the face.



Triangular: For triangular face choose jewellery that creates the illusion of width and helps with visual harmony. How about the matinee and princess length necklaces with a striking pendant. Ones with more width than length, are a good choice, go for a combination of curves and straight lines and focal components like swirls.



Heart Shaped: To balance the natural heart-shaped face, try earrings that are wider in combination with the short necklace. You know choker, bold wide neckpieces like omega chain or short bib-style looks good. Carefully consider the earnings that naturally hang down as a chandelier, geometric patterns, and triangular balance this face cut. Avoid slim drop earrings and studs on a heart-shaped face.


By these general guidelines, you can choose best for you in accordance with the unique facial features. Zeya’s every design honors your expressions. The beautiful statement jewellery of Zeya’ll amaze you, bring a simple outfit to life. Zaya jewellery is affordable, fashionable, quality-assured and for the ‘New- You’.