• Feb 06, 2020

A gift for a loved one says a thousand things for how you feel and perceive your bond with them. To gift is to express and Zeya offers you a golden opportunity to shower your love and confer your bond. As the valentines’ week is approaching, Zeya brings you the most sought after, an exuberant and charming collection of jewelry that is not only going to add sparkle your better half’s eyes but to your together built bond too!

It will be one golden chance to make Valentines’ week a memorable journey to express and bless your loved ones. However, don’t be sad if you’ll need 8 different gifts for 8 different, cherishing and loving days. We’ve got you all covered! Zeya has brought you an exquisite collection for the Valentines’ week where you can find an enormous collection of accessorizing jewelry! From, rings to necklaces, earrings to couple bands, Zeya can be the one-stop-shop for you. Without much hassle, Zeya brings you an easy to use the platform to surf through the all-time classy collection with utter perfection and to select a number of pieces from the same. With uncannydesigns and elegant sets, one is sure set to be amazed.


While a rose blossoms in the air, you can gift a pair of a beautiful rose pendant on Rose day that could make them blossom forever!



A perennial ring for Kiss day seems super fine for celebrating the enthusiasm and the energy of the connection. You could even be offered a lovable kiss that could indeed make your day.



From offering a sparkling design from the Aurum collection on Propose day, one could enhance and commit oneself to their better half by embarking upon a journey that would glitter like gold. It would also be stunned to receive gold bars on the occasion of Chocolate day that could perhaps make them tempted for real chocolates!


Although one could hysterically achieve a hug by gifting an eye-catching piece from the Teen jewelry collection to their newly committed partners on Hug day. Someone else could simultaneously settle for their broken promises on Promise day by simply rejuvenating the bond through the unbreakable and never seen designs from our collections.



It would also be surprising for someone to gift a cute pair of panda earrings on Teddy day for their teddies! Also, wives and girlfriends can think through our Senor Collection that has especially been introduced for men’s jewelry. However, the week would last long with fresh air of love in everyone’s lives and it still could end with a sweet night of Valentine’s Day when a couple would commit themselves to Zeya Amore collection.



The Amore collection by Zeya brings you an over the top series of jewelry to pick from and make the moment memorable. It could all be a sweet and savoring moment in everyone’s lives. The week of the valentines is ought to be a time when one attempts to shower love and care. Celebrated in the honour of Saint Valentine, Valentines’ day is a day of love where couples, those who love, honor their bond and relive the forgotten first times. The love that has all been mundane throughout the year can experience a sense of fresh, new feelings that will rejuvenate your bond with them. Zeya brings you the chance to do so by pleasing your loved one with an extravagant collection for this span of time. It could be your mother, daughter, wife, son, husband or father! It could be anyone and you would still be able to find the perfect piece for someone who is close to your heart. This Valentines’ week, arouse the lost love, express the unexpressed and break the monotonous bond! Celebrate love, affection, and care with Zeya.