Celebrate the Essence of Enamel Jewellery

  • Mar 23, 2020

A woman needs no occasion to flaunt her beauty. And jewelry adds to that beauty. Zeya has an amazing range of affordable enameled jewelry that appropriately replicates the gorgeous side of you. The popularity of enamel jewelry has grown swiftly, and Zeya offers you some stunning and trending pieces that you can adorn every single day.

Immerse yourself in the royal designs of enamel coated jewelry and let the world see you sparkling. Zeya has a hand-picked awesome collection of well-crafted rings, pendants, earrings, sets, and nose pins. These accessories will enhance your charm as you walk into the streets, your office even your home. Get ready to be the cynosure of all the events as everyone will bombard you with compliments and enquire about your jewelry. Your accessory becomes your personality and identity.

One more heartwarming fact about Zeya is that you wouldn’t have to break your bank to purchase all this stuff. Zeya understands and encourages the unrestricted passion of its customers. The entire collection of luxury jewelry is made available at an economical price. The experts devise cost-cutting methods that help them to design basic earrings, rings, and other items without hampering the quality. The pocket-friendly jewelry will allure you in minutes.

Why should I wear Enamel jewelry?

Inspired by the cultural extravaganza of our country, you should immerse yourself in festivities and welcome the occasions with energy. If your menu, the interior of the house, and clothing match the occasion, why not your accessory? Just a little more effort and you will become the talk of the town for your perfection. Encouraged by your high taste in dressing, people will come to you forjewelry guidance. And all of this is possible with the right without compromising on your budget. Let Zeya helps you get the best to rock every party.


As fresh as the Green: To heighten the spirit of freshness and don that in your appearance, one can choose the Princess Peacock Pendant from the Royal Collection along with matching outfit. Moreover, one can pair them up with the Mayur Peacock earring which is coated with the same green enamel 




As Bold as the Blue: The Dancing Peacock Cocktail Ring from the Princess Collection is made toenliven boldness. Also, the Blue Enamelled Queen Ring from the same collection is embellished with Swarovski zirconia studded flowers.




As Strong as Pink: People tend to consider pink as a soft shade but in reality, it is one of the strongest colors. So to represent the strength of women pink was chosen. With the pink traditional Queen Jhumki and you’re good to go and rule the world just like a queen.




As lovely as Red: The heart robbing love bird earrings from vogue collection enameled in the color of love will complete your every look. Adorned by you or your little princess, it will add a little more beauty.



Zeya doesn’t limit their collection just for the Women; they have some pretty pieces of enameled jewelry for your little princess as well. Let your little darling also dazzle in their Pink Butterfly earrings, Red Flying ladybug earrings, Bluefish earrings and many more from their teen collection.  

Why should I choose Zeya?

Credibility is established with quality and the Zeya team ensures that you get the best of products in the market. The reputed Kundan Group spread its wings wider to provide a wide range of collection at pocket-friendly prices for people who prioritize quality. Each design reflects a strong sense of personality with its texture, pattern, or base element. Browse the wide range of products according to their collections and match them with your current vibrations. We are sure that the pattern you choose would reflect your personality and enhance it by a great margin.

Authenticity is the prime base of Zeya. This is why they have been innovating in Indian jewelry with a combination of urban trends. This chemistry creates jewelry that is perfect for your needs. Contact us now or browse our online collection to see our products.